1.1 patch

1.1 version - if you're using the itch client you can receive this update by clicking the gear next to Launch to manage your files, where you can uninstall the old and install the new.


  •   Fixed an issue that could make the Computer and Gardener romances trigger incorrectly
  •   Fixed the automated naming of quicksaves and autosaves
  •   Added the Jack Of All Trades checklist item for having all 15 jobs available in a single playthrough

Please let us know if you run into any problems!


CuteBite-1.1-mac.zip 104 MB
Sep 02, 2021
CuteBite-1.1-pc.zip 121 MB
Sep 02, 2021

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Well, my Rebellious, Historian, Witty vampire with a massive Computer Focus in her first week is needing to Save Scum just to keep up that Computer Habit, since she sucks at every job on her second week! :rofl:

In save scumming, she's found a dearth of Doctors to Hunt. Do they die out after two / three encounters?? Or is it just certain days, like Aug 14, Doctors aren't around?

There's a lot of RNG involved in hunting! Since every location has multiple different types of people who might show up there, you can't rely on finding exactly the target you want all the time. Any particular type will get less likely as you feed on them and thus there's fewer of them around compared to the other possibilities. There are definitely more than two or three Doctors in the mix, but not an infinite supply either.

Hmm... I guess the probabilities aren't letting Doctors appear since all of my first 3 targets were Doctors... So the small chance is getting forever swamped out by Delinquents and Little Old Ladies... And to get more Doctors I have to hunt something else?