1.2 patch


  •   Disabled the Quick Menu during hunting
  •   Fixed a display error in some of the high rebellion graphics
  •   Divination now warns of a shadow when high rebellion would block an ending
  •   View/Hide stats button disappears on main schedule screen (when stats are always visible)
  •   Removing the red cross from the Nurse sprite
  •   Adjusted a calculation that could prevent the Harem achievement from popping under rare circumstances
  •   Adjusted class stress failure display to add the gold crown icon for lost money
  •   Three new variants for the Hacker ending
  •   A few late survey respondents added to the credits

As usual, please let me know if you run into any problems!


CuteBite-1.2-mac.zip 104 MB
Sep 08, 2021
CuteBite-1.2-pc.zip 121 MB
Sep 08, 2021

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Buying Law books for Romance... Lol.

Stats Screen shows 40 Law, Book's Current is 39 Law...

(3 edits)

And the stats bars at the top aren't as accurate as the numbers? Or maybe more accurate... I have 44/44 Mind, but the bar isn't full...

What's the trigger for a stat decrease notification? Night Baking and clearly losing Tech, but the End of Week summary isn't showing it... I bet it's because it's <1 but appears as -1...


How big should the Transformation Attempt at Midwinter be? I just got it at basically from Dec 22 to the beginning of Mind, but at all other times, it's been way smaller... As wide as 195 Days to the end-ish of Money 707... ... Then rewinding makes it smaller, while literally redoing it makes it big for a while...

Will this update be coming out on the Steam version too?

It's up there by now, but it has to go through more steps to get cleared there so there was a delay.