1.3 patch


  Fixed some situations where two scenes could be called in a single class

  Prevent Harem achievement on special endings where the romances don't complete

  If the Gardener romance is blocked, the Estate scene about gardens will no longer happen

  Fix Divination reporting for Computer/Gardener romances when blocked

  Corrected the check about whether the vampire has ever baked bread or not

  Rebellion modifier added to batgirl test at midwinter

  'Hide Flash' setting now hides the red flash in the ending as well

  Law variant added to Adventurer ending

  Law variant added to Education ending


CuteBite-1.3-mac.zip 104 MB
Sep 12, 2021
CuteBite-1.3-pc.zip 121 MB
Sep 12, 2021

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Just so I don't forget again, the mid-week shopping trip, I think for Christmas, has it be possible for Mind and Body stats to be negative, if enough failures occur beforehand, but the stats will appear as 0, enough that the Popsicle appears to fail the first purchase?

It is currently possible for hte stats to be a little bit negative while still showing as 0, if you've had a REALLY bad week. 

I would think that the popsicle would usually still bring you up to at least 1 though... don't remember the exact hidden numbers.