1.0.20 changelog:

Should now end Barbara's path properly if you failed catastrophically.
More foreshadowing of possible pitfalls on Ellen's path.
It should be slightly clearer in a couple cases when you're playing on a failed path.
Spirit Sense handles invisible monsters better (reports what direction they're in, no longer shows their name if the only thing you know about them is that they're a spirit.
Spirit Sense grammar tweaks for parties improved.

No longer crash when you scramble the Big Jelly's senses.
No longer crash when moving in the dungeon without all the variables properly initialized (I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm guessing that it hit players who visited the dungeon only occasionally and then hit scenes that take place on a dungeon backdrop).
Scramble Senses behaves better with monsters that make physical attacks. (It still doesn't give as much feedback as I'd like though.)
Big Jellies no longer have feet, so Sticky Feet won't work on them. (If you saved in a dungeon with a Big Jelly, it might still have feet.)

More adjustment of debug messages.

Dialog box falls out properly at the end of the scene in week3 where you tell Donald
you're a terrible singer.
Gardeners no longer 'often commonly' bring in ladybugs.
Slight adjustment to scene where Virginia's telling you about Damien and Ellen


Windows Version 216 MB
Version 1.0.20 Mar 16, 2020
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Version 1.0.20 Mar 16, 2020
Linux Version 222 MB
Version 1.0.20 Mar 16, 2020

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