1.0.15 patch

 * Small adjustments in Barbara's route allowing you to avoid the details if you want.
 * Now possible to protest to Grabiner that failing the first exam really was an accident
 * You can now talk to the deer in tutorial7.
 * Deer bites are now properly melee damage.
 * Empathy on the Deer now works.
 * Communicate on the Deer now works.
 * Description and Inspection reaction for Force Walls added.
 * The Ghost Wolf should no longer follow the player when friendly.
 * Dismiss button removed in dungeon.
 * No longer allow you to keep trying to make friends with an already-friendly Ghost Wolf.
 * The floor with the button in exam1 now has a subtly different description.
 * Now skip Unit.AnnounceSensed if the level isn't set. This stops a crash when you drop a blinded monster down a hole (or otherwise remove it from the level, presumably)
 * Crash casting Empathy on a Training Dummy with a status effect that was not Asleep fixed.
 * Placing the crystal in the final now only ticks the dungeon AFTER the dialog line. This fixes the bug where, if something triggered console output, clicking on Next or in the dialog window would wind up falling out of the dungeon.
 * uprints in conditions module no longer crash.
 * We should no longer get spurious "The Hodag pushes against the force wall" texts when we can't see the monster or the wall. (We'll still hear the bump sound)
 * Unit metabolism will no longer tick if it's already been removed from the level.   
 * F6 now "Upload User Reported Error", without screenshots.
 * unxpected visitors now unExpected.
 * Luke should now star out properly when you turn down the candlemaking invite in week12 instead of turning into a silhouette.
 * Debug messages trimmed and/or reworked as uprints.
 * Grammar fix learning Scramble Senses.
 * Teleport failure for immovable objects now uses the object's is/are field.
 * 'The X is enchanted' now uses correct is/are.
 * # sign added to game font.
 * Crash after blowing up the pie in week5 fixed.
 * Now discard the description saving and loading RemoteGates, instead of warning.


Windows Version 216 MB
Version 1.0.15 Mar 02, 2020
Mac Version 215 MB
Version 1.0.15 Mar 02, 2020
Linux Version 222 MB
Version 1.0.15 Mar 02, 2020

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