1.0.17 patch

1.0.17 changelog :

  • No longer allow you to target units that you're aware of but can't see directly.
  • Gas improved: better inspection output, behaves a bit more sensibly if you've been moving it around for some reason, no longer reports that gas levels are increasing if they aren't,
  • Spirit Sense on unseen Training Dummies no longer gives an extra 'you'.


  • A conversation with Suki no longer triggers early.
  • Nature Club members now remember the greenhouse if they've been there before.


  • Typo and grammar fixes (Cafetera, incongrous, an error in Corrinna's poetry recital)
  • Also delete the screenshot thumbnails when removing local saves on Steam.
  • A bug where William kiss CGs would sometimes get Damien kiss CG thumbnails fixed.


  • The "Play in Safe Mode" Windows batch file now clears out all Python-specific environment variables. This works around a conflict with systemwide Python 3 installations on Windows.
  • Save warnings are now cleared before loading, so you should no longer get warnings for a previous save when loading a different one that's fine. (... and so I should no longer get confused looking around in uploaded saves that are perfectly fine for an error in a different save.)
  • Status effects with non-default MP (Enchant Object, or enchantments that you've been draining) now save/load the changed MP properly.
  • Warning loading saves where you'd cast Sleep on yourself fixed.
  • Errors in your persistent file now reported on the title screen, instead of waiting around to be reported as if they were a problem with a save.
  • A bunch more debug messages converted to use the new system.
  • A little code cleanup.
  • Some debugging code for tracking the magenta glitch in the final exam added.


Windows Version 216 MB
Version 1.0.17 Mar 14, 2020
Mac Version 215 MB
Version 1.0.17 Mar 14, 2020
Linux Version 222 MB
Version 1.0.17 Mar 14, 2020

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