This patch includes:

* Crash that occurred when some things (like players casting Flames) happened next to poison gas or dungeon exits fixed.
* Knocking out a partymember in the last practice dungeon now properly hides the dungeon screens, fixing a bug where you'd have the dungeon stuck on screen until Sunday night and then crash.
* Mindstorming yourself and partymembers should now work properly. In particular, the game no longer crashes afterwards.
* Saves made on the turn you mindstormed a monster now load the monster's mindstorm reactions right.
* Shield spellcard now mentions how long it lasts.
* Tweaked handling of mana drain messages.
* Antimagic fields should work better.
* Adjusted the code for falling down holes.
* A crash jumping into poison gas fixed.
* Grammar fix for Entangle bridges.
* A bug that would sometimes expose cells you shouldn't be able to see on the minimap in the final tutorial has been fixed.
* Wrong Way traps no longer physical, so they no longer get damaged by
lightning and area effect spells. (This manifested as Floors being damaged or defeated).
* When there are multiple targets with the same name, they now get directional info to help distinguish them.
* Teleport Other no longer treats the motion as voluntary.
* You can't teleport onto an exit if you have immobile party members.
* A bug where you could climb the exit stairs after you were defeated if you were standing on them before your defeat fixed.
* Animated effects now properly animate when viewed through Farsight.
* NPC-on-NPC Drain Magic display now cleaner.

* Typo fixed (you now try to avoid being overHEARD when talking to Minnie, instead of overHEAD.)
* A few spots where you'd get a dialog box sliding out under a dialog box fixed.
* Spells targeting yourself give better feedback.
* If the fire didn't happen, you no longer talk to Grabiner about it on Luke's route.
* Kyo's name no longer shows up in the candle-selling scene if you don't know who he is.
* Minor bugs in the last Bingo game's dialog and diary entries fixed.

* Loadsave system a little more robust. In particular, certain errors that
would cause a crash on the next turn in the dungeon are now only warnings.
* Tweaks to the debugging code.


Windows Version 216 MB
Version 82 days ago
Mac Version 215 MB
Version 82 days ago
Linux Version 222 MB
Version 82 days ago

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