New scenes available to March 16

 * Fixed expression/sprite mismatch on Pastel's "I knew you looked familiar"
 * Fixed scrubber for exam6_kissed_frog.
 * 1/3 chance of niches between two walkable bigcells in frog dungeon having
   piles of rocks.
 * Added an RNG with logging and playback for better testing.
 * Frog now pathfinds over holes.
 * Non-frog units pathfinding should throw exceptions.
 * cancelleds canceled (including one in week8 and one in updater errors.)
 * Parade CG in.
 * Started bringing new scenes in.
 + Script parser has improved handling of fancy transitions.
 * Valentines scenes should now actually give you the Manuel branch when he's
 * No longer fill in the treasurer's last name when you see them as a
 * Overengineering spell resistance messages.
 * Poisoning and scrambling the senses of nonliving things gives "The X is not
 * Sleep now reports X is {not a spirit, not alive, neither a spirit nor
   alive} as appropriate when it fails.
 * Blasting nonphysical items now gives a 'passes harmlessly through...'
   message and skips the shrapnel.
 * Crash when something destroys a Gate fixed.
 * Crush will give the Nothing happens message when used on nonphysical objects.
 * Open gives a Nothing Happens message if it fails.
 * Slash and Mindstorm failure messages tweaked.
 * Probably some other spell messages have been tweaked and missed.
 * Spark effects should now be visible for a radius of 2 so you can see your
   Spark hit something in an adjacent bigcell.
 * Sparks now disappear into nonphysical things.
 * Purple Glow Disperse message tweaked.
 * Drain Charm not-an-object failure tweaked.
 * Crash checking to see if we're on a Minnie romance path when we get the
   note in week28 fixed.
 * Green Mastery trophy should now unlock when you learn Regeneration.
 * More debugging info in nopickles temporal inconsistency warnings.
 * Clicking the 'menu' button in the dungeon now completes an interaction,
   so saves made by doing so will no longer be temporally inconsistent.
   (Previously, if you hadn't implicitly advanced, a save made using the
   menu button would have the timers and screenshot in the state at the end
   of the turn and the dungeon entity state in the state at the beginning of
   the turn.)
 * Also complete an interaction when right-clicking in the dungeon to bring
   up the menu.
 * Center click no longer brings up the menu in the dungeon.
 * Player units no longer initialize with spacesuits. This fixes the save
   complaints about the spacesuit when you load a save made with Farsight up
   because the Farsight viewpoint is a subclass of units.Player.
 * Columns now show up on minimaps.
 * Debug message drawing solid black tiles trimmed, should make dungeon
   rendering faster.
 * LeverEnchantments no longer wear off. This fixes a bug where Silencing
   (or applying any other status that would wear off eventually) a wall
   with a lever enchantment would get the wall's metabolism started and thus
   make the lever enchantment wear off.
 * Diamondized objects can no longer be reshaped with ShapeStone.
 * Expulsion for self-destruction after having been warned cleaned up.
 * Game over screen uses black text; 'End Game' button moved a little.
 * Firstname Lastname now correctly interpolated on the game over screen
   if you get expelled for self-destruction without having been warned first.
   (Not sure if this can happen, but.)
 * Feast CG in.
 * Decrufting.
 * Force Walls now immune to normal damage.
 * Now remove Force Walls from the display when destroyed.
 * Force Walls that are facing the player but to the left/right of the player
   now correctly drawn.
 * Drain Charm reworked, now recurses through an object's inventory so it
   will get any inventory items with status effects, takes 1-10 MP. [NOTE: NOT SYNCED WITH CLASS/CARD YET]
 * Gates no longer leave a corpse behind when defeated.
 * Now fade out all audio channels when you fall down a hole, including
   the usually-forgotten sound3 channel that was sometimes collecting
   BurnMagicField loops.
 * Cut off after the Sunday evening menu on Mar 16th.


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