0.6.69 bugfix

 * New Pastel uniform sprite backgrounds in.
 * Cleaned up a bunch of translucent pixels in the Pastel uniform sprite BGs.
 * A bunch of flag scrubbers in.
 * exam7_result save warning fixed.
 * Crash displaying Star Student trophy fixed.
 * Angela points now loadable.
 * Better debugging for network errors; they'll now find their way into
 * No longer crash when a Mothman is Afraid.
 * Falling down the hole in exam7 now goes to the default self-destruction
 * Initialize variables used when bribing the frog, silencing a save warning.
 * 'film what we wanted' -> 'what film we wanted' on Jan 25.
 * QueuedDerp scrubber in.
 * Started bringing Seeker Sting in, but it's not done yet.
 * Better exception when name resolution fails.


Windows Version - Early Access 182 MB
Version 0.6.69 39 days ago
Mac Version - Early Access 181 MB
Version 0.6.69 39 days ago
Linux Version - Early Access 188 MB
Version 0.6.69 39 days ago

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