0.6.69 bugfix

 * New Pastel uniform sprite backgrounds in.
 * Cleaned up a bunch of translucent pixels in the Pastel uniform sprite BGs.
 * A bunch of flag scrubbers in.
 * exam7_result save warning fixed.
 * Crash displaying Star Student trophy fixed.
 * Angela points now loadable.
 * Better debugging for network errors; they'll now find their way into
 * No longer crash when a Mothman is Afraid.
 * Falling down the hole in exam7 now goes to the default self-destruction
 * Initialize variables used when bribing the frog, silencing a save warning.
 * 'film what we wanted' -> 'what film we wanted' on Jan 25.
 * QueuedDerp scrubber in.
 * Started bringing Seeker Sting in, but it's not done yet.
 * Better exception when name resolution fails.


Windows Version 214 MB
Version 0.6.69 Oct 12, 2019
Mac Version 212 MB
Version 0.6.69 Oct 12, 2019
Linux Version 219 MB
Version 0.6.69 Oct 12, 2019

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