This is an important plot update, advancing the story up to Spring Break.

 * New scenes through March 21st
 * Dungeon console 'Continue' button replaced with a 'Dismiss' button that
   should actually make the console go away. 
   [This is a change to make a difference between 'just close the console'
   and 'show the next page or close if we were on the last page', since the
   current Continue/Next was unclear]
 * Foresight redesigned; it now looks at the level timers instead of the
   unit's potential actions. This means that it will no longer falsely
   report that the monster is planning to do something it won't try to do
   because it knows it can't.  It also means that some foresight output may
   be wrong.  We try to guess placeholders to report, but we may be wrong.
   Foresight now scans all visible cells, and the niche and bigcell directly
   behind the player.
 * Seeker Sting improvements. Now does 3-7 Magic/Red/White damage.
 * Seeker Sting metabolism now correctly aligned to turn boundaries, to prevent
   it from moving and attacking in the same turn.
 * Now report attacks to everything that can see the Seeker Sting.
 * Seeker Stings no longer double their move for their first turn.
 * Seeker Stings should now actually seek a new target if the one they were
   going to attack is dead.
 * Seeker Stings should now disappear when they've damaged their target.
 * Ground Spell should now change a Seeker Sting's target to the floor (or
   lava/bridge/dummyspawner) it's over.
 * Organized a bunch of stuff in events.py so it's a little cleaner.
 * Monster AI function naming cleaned up - Plan* functions decide what
   a monster will do this turn (and set appropriate timers), Try* functions
   try to do something at the exact time they're called.
 * Now initialize exam7_result.
 * No longer crash when the Loveland Frog is Afraid.
 * Level.FindTimers() debugging function added.
 * Level repr made more useful.
 * Anti-Magic Fields no longer physical, so won't burn in lava or be affected
   by other things that act on physical objects.
 * Force Push now gives immobility conditions (stuck/sealed) precedence over
   checking to see if an object is movable at all.
 * Force Push now calls Reaction_Push_QueueMovements, same as Push does. So
   it should start Spheres rolling instead of just throwing them around.
 * QueuedWait no longer triggers save warnings.
 * Lava no longer burns non-physical units.
 * Force Pushing a Boulder no longer crashes.
 * Force Pushing a sphere in a niche sideways now correctly shoves it into
   the bigcell niche instead of having it slam up against the pillar.
 * Stab at updating Force Push's damage code again.
 * day advances from cafeteria-night will no longer go to the light bedroom.


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Version 0.6.73 Oct 21, 2019
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Version 0.6.73 Oct 21, 2019
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Version 0.6.73 Oct 21, 2019

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