0.7.1 bugfix

 * CGs for the Fall Play (Medea) are now in.
 * Getting detention for self-destruction in exam7 now actually works.
 * The "Say Goodbye" breakup option on William's path now ends the event.
 * No longer get rhanked for being an attentive audience.
 * Now jump to tutorial 8 after March 8th.
 * No longer crash when you shove a boulder into a bigcell hole with a wall
   immediately behind it.
 * Fixed a Force Push-related crash that affected shoved objects.
 * Actually silence save warning when timestampish (slow timestamp) screens
   are present in saves.
 * QueuedMoveAdjacent now does nothing if the object being moved is no longer
   in the level. This fixes a bug where an object with multiple movements
   queued might keep going (and thus reappear) after falling down a hole.
 * Things fall down holes more reliably.
 * Force Pushed status now actually wears off when a Force Pushed object does
 * Finally fixed the bug where Force Pushing objects could get them stuck in
   pillar cells 
 * Being burned by the Purple Glow now gives 'as you enter the' instead of 'as
   you step into' if you're not on the floor (longjmping) or you're entering
   involuntarily (push)
 * Lava now uses a copy of the cell-occupant list so sharing the cell with
   something that was destroyed no longer allows you to escape being burnt.
 * lvl.RemoveAll now only removes instances of the specified class, instead
   of removing every unit. This fixes a crash when you burnt yourself to
   death in the lava tutorial, and possibly in other tutorial deaths.
 * Debug messages trimmed.
 * Entering a dungeon now immediately displays the correct minimap.
 * Entering a dungeon now forces the first-person view to be redrawn. 


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Version 0.7.1 17 days ago
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Version 0.7.1 17 days ago
Linux Version - Early Access 188 MB
Version 0.7.1 17 days ago

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