* New scenes through to April 6th
 * New CG for club signups scene
 * New CG for valentines ordering scene
 * New CG for holiday chorale concert
 * Practice Dungeon 8 has an intro.
 * Escaping a tutorial now gives "I leave the dungeon." instead of "I escape
   the dungeon."
 * Slight adjustment to Damien-route aftermath if choosing "I hope it never

 * Dialog box falls out at end of 50 stress scene.
 * Effect tab for Minnie inviting you jogging in one circumstances now says 
   'Jogging' rather than 'warmer'.

 * Burn Magic spellcard now says up to 15-20 damage.
 * Quickspell-assignment text a bit more readable.

 * Improved debugging for WallTileFacingDarkened flickercontrollers.
 * Fiddled with damage flickering for wall tiles.
 * Wall tiles that are facing the player now flicker when blasted.
 * Started fiddling with making wall tiles to the side of the player flicker
   when damaged.
 * Fixed a crash in deer AI.
 * Fixed a crash trying to flicker SkewWallHGrad quads.
 * Damage notifications no longer try to propagate with SENSE_MAGIC.


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Version 0.7.8 Nov 17, 2019
Mac Version 212 MB
Version 0.7.8 Nov 17, 2019
Linux Version 219 MB
Version 0.7.8 Nov 17, 2019

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