* New scenes to Apr 11

 * Charm-selected indicator in statbar when a Charm is being worn
 * Election Campaign CG on Oct 9.
 * New Suki sprite in. This involves twiddling to sprite naming which might
   cause sprite errors elsewhere.
 * Manuel's talker should no longer bounce weirdly between ears-up and other
 * Drain Magic desc now clearer that it only targets spellcasters.
 * Drain Magic no longer drains from things that are neither alive nor
 * Entering Tutorial 8 now saves the RNG log to <savedir>/tutorial8.rng.log.
 * Now include the tutorial 8 RNG log in uploaded tracebacks.
 * farsight_target save warning silenced.
 * Dig should now refuse to dig through IndestructableWall()s.
 * Low/High Shaft Walls no longer movable, so Shockwave won't knock them
   down holes.
 * HighTunnel units (seen at the top of stairs) no longer movable.
 * Fixed the bug where clicking rapidly with Farsight up would sometimes
   crash or lock up the dungeon UI (with the viewpoint stuck in the Farsight
   proxy but none of the dungeon controls usable.). This introduces a new
   bug where the direction indicator on the minimap doesn't face the right
   way during Farsight.
 * Minimap direction indicator now correctly updated during Farsight.
 * Use hard pauses during Farsight to force the minimap to actually update
   even if the player clicks too fast.
 * Debug messages trimmed.
 * Candidate fix for a crash displaying lightning strikes; however, since
   I couldn't reproduce the crash, I can't verify the fix.
 * "The Stairs ARE struck by lightning."


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Version Nov 24, 2019

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