* Scenes to Apr 27
 * Killer plants CG in.
 * Hockey CG in. 
 * New spellbuttons for the quick-cast bar.

 * Blast no longer does shrapnel damage twice to everything in the target's
 * Bigbutts menu targeter no longer exposes the current compass direction when
   the player can't see.
 * Spells that target a choice of an adjacent bigcell or the current location
   now use big butts.

 * Stop the sound after the slow, sarcastic clapping on week20.
 * Luke now also accepts your invite to the hockey game if you went on the
   dungeon adventure with him.
 * Sticky Feet spell-learning scene tweaked.
 * Raven should actually star out after you invite her to join book club.
 * Transition from some "There are many students in the library, but Minnie is
   not among them." lines to non-president study cleaned up.
 * Barbara kiss CG now unlocks the trophy (and all kiss CGs checked)
 * Mar 30 scene no longer returns William to pose2 if we're on a Romance path.
 * Apr 14 Luke scene uses Crowd.
 * Hide the effect tab when turning down Feb 5 Bingo due to being broke.

 * Now delete the 'spell' placeholder variable after initializing the wolfhall
   spells list; this will cause a crash anywhere where I used 'spell'
   uninitialized in the module, but that's probably better.
 * Darkness now destroys any LightUnits in the current cell.
 * Grammar fix when seeing plural objects fall down holes.
 * Shockwave should no longer impact Nain(s) Rouge(s) and other magic-immune
 * Thing/Direction spells should now check for magic-immunity.
 * Nichecell selector no longer defaults to thing=thing. How would that even
 * No longer double-deduct casting cost in QueuedCastAt. (Once when checking
   for fizzle, then again before casting the spell, oops...). Note that this
   means Loveland Frog will no longer run out of MP quite as fast, though IIRC
   the only QueuedCastAt spell it has is Light.
 * Trying to teleport the Floor should now give a bigcell teleporter.
 * Show the background in known-cell targeter.
 * When issuing commands, no longer show wall facet buttons for walls that
   aren't available.
 * Wrong Way traps now ignore qualia with fluff text but no event items (Fixes
   a getitem crash if you Telepyre 'em.)
 * Now announce queued spellcasting events again. This should also tell you
   when the Loveland Frog casts a spell.
 * Spelling of 'canceled' consistent in code.
 * Monster movement now displays the 'leaves to the' variant even if you're
   in a niche when the movement occurs, thus getting rid of a bug where "The
   Loveland Frog arrives from the [direction]" when it's moved AWAY from us.
   (Replication: Follow the loveland frog around. When it's in the bigcell
   ahead of us, we move forward and it moves a bigcell right or left, now
   we get 'leaves' instead of 'arrives from'.
 * Triggering the Purple Glow should now actually silence it. (The problem was
   that the code to slide the volume of a positioned sound wasn't checking all
   the channels that positioned music might be played on.  I think the
   positioned sound code is a bit of a mess though.
 * Monsters now default to being smellable. Fixes the bug where the Loveland
   Frog doesn't leave scent trails.
 * Crash casting two-thing spells on floors fixed.
 * Shape Stone works properly again.
 * Shape Stone gives the correct error message reshaping a Floor.
 * Shape Stone should give the Horse Hall message when reshaping an Abyss.
 * Now show an error message instead of crashing if an exception occurs
   drawing a SkewWallHGrad or SkewWall.
 * Fixed a crash that occurred when rendering a bigcell that has a
   wall_textures override - e.g. InvulnerableWall bigcells.
 * Crash displaying indestructable walls in niche cells fixed.
 * Wall description handling changed so invulnerable walls are now visually
   different too.
 * Store the RNG log for tutorial8 dungeon generation in saves, so when we get
   a "WTF was that dungeon?" error we can inspect it.
 * The Bladen Beast now bites instead of clawing if it's got Sticky Feet.
 * QueuedMetabolism timers no longer go off if the unit isn't in the level
   that the timer is attached to. Should fix a crash when you drop a Patrol
   Dummy down a hole; it's likely that this crash also manifested with other
   monsters removed from level occasionally.
 + Automatic backup script now backs up the modules/ and os/C/ directories too.
 + Copy in the Linux blitter32.so from


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