0.7.27 bugfix

 * Decrufting.
 * Fiddling with blitter.
 * Debug messages trimmed.
 * Monsters now cancel their metabolism action when they've fallen down a
   hole or otherwise been removed from the level. Fixes a crash when Patrol
   Dummies fall down holes in the group tutorial.
 * RLEA tinted subtractor blits now work right. This means side walls with
   moss flicker red instead of blue when damaged normally.
 + Compile new blitter for Linux i686.
 * Fixed crash displaying a spellback with a blank slot. (Which also triggered
   when reassigning spells)
 * Initialize the party on load if we are (or have been in) a dungeon. Fixes
   a crash loading saves made in the dungeon in pre-party versions.


Windows Version - Early Access 214 MB
Version 0.7.27 31 days ago
Mac Version - Early Access 213 MB
Version 0.7.27 31 days ago
Linux Version - Early Access 220 MB
Version 0.7.27 31 days ago

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