* New scenes through to the end of game! (pass one; content remains to be added)

 * Party save warning that can occur if a partymember is loaded before the
   player character is fixed.
 * Stick a ceiling over the DummySpawner in the final tutorial.
 * Now take Truesighted darkness into account in more player visibility checks,
   fixes a bug where you couldn't see something to pick it up after dropping it
   in Truesighted darkness.
 * Illusory walls now give Detect Charm "Something to the west is enchanted"
   instead of "You sense that Something..."
 * Discard the partymember command menu in saves.
 * Invisible things detected as enchanted in the caster's current cell get
   described as "something here" instead of "something to the here".
 * Partymembers now use the player's last_visible set as well, so you get
   more useful enchantment reports when Luke casts Detect Charm.
 * Grammar stub for reporting different name_Articled values to partymembers,
   so we don't get "You is enchanted" when Detect Charm tells Luke that the
   PC is enchanted.
 * TimeLimited condition no longer magical, so the player won't be reported
   as enchanted.
 * If you give a partymember an order when you've already chosen an order,
   the spellcard for the currently-chosen order is shown. This allows the
   player to check spellcards if they don't know the details.
 * Detect Charm now checks the is_object field and no longer reports.
 * 'You feel something arrive.' message suppressed when you can see the
   thing that arrived. This fixes "You feel something arrive"s when moving
   into Truesighted illusory darkness with a party.
 * Training dummy spawner tiles are now enchanted.
 * Tutorial8 now actually spawns the table.
 * Playback of RNG logs significantly improved. Now I know that a random
   exposed cell encountered entering the final tutorial was probably not
   the fault of the RNG.
 * Removed the directional note when exposing an illusory wall through Open -
   you'll see it on the minimap and firstperson view anyhow, and 'the stones
   of the straight ahead wall' was silly.
 * Spirit Echoes units should no longer show up as ? on the minimap when
 * Sicken should now give the player a "You cast Sicken" message.
 * No longer show the melee attack string when something does a non-melee attack
   on something else 
 * Should now report the target when a partymember or visible monster is casting
   a spell on something we can see.
 * Dungeon console now shows a 6th line of text.
 * Now show a click-to-continue indicator when there's text we haven't yet read
   in the dungeon console.  It repositions automatically depending on whether or
   not we have a party tab.
 * Non-physical objects no longer can be obstacles to queuedmoveadjacent. That
   fixes the bug where trying to push something through an illusory wall leads
   to it bumping into the wall (and taking damage, if Force Pushed)
 * Show costs in the buttons for partymember commands.
 * Fixed the weird bug where sometimes you wouldn't be able to move certain
   directions.  (The one that was preventing me from running away from monsters
   in the final.). The cause was that I was skipping unit movement if a unit
   was moving from the cell it was in to the cell it was in. I'm not sure HOW
   that code generated the bug though...
 * DefeatedFaders now have a safe default inventory value. (Fixes a crash when
   loading a save made right after defeating something, because the fader
   discards its inventory on save and the dead monster is in its inventory...)
 * Spirit Sense now gives a different message when you've got a party.
 * Partymember Empathy responses in.
 * Low-level support for normal custom inscriptions added.
 * Low-level support for fading inscriptions added.
 * Inventory items can now have options.
 * Fixed crash longjmping into a wall.
 * Now use "crashes into" instead of grammar_advances when reporting something
   flying into an obstacle (e.g. Luke longjmping into a wall)


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