0.8.3 bugfix

 + Interpolate %(Firstname)s in yearbook signatures.
 * Actually build the memberships list for yearbook entries.
 + Yearbook entries now properly display black and white charms.
 + WolfPC image composer also now allows uppercase letters, properly displaying
   black/white charms again.
 * Fixed crash examining inscriptions.
 * When partymembers are moved to follow another partymember, no longer drag
   ones which have already been removed from the level (so we don't wind up
   crashing by trying to go down the hole multiple times.)
 * No longer fall down holes if we're no longer in the level.
 * 'the Luke'/'the Donald' now just Luke or Donald.
 * Now use name_Articled for things falling into holes.  Fixes "The Luke
   falls into the hole."
 * 'Lazy' now renamed 'Laid-back' in player-displayed text. (I might have
   missed something; got the effect tabs, the top stat function, the
   player's own codex entry)
 * Scrubber for chose_week35_grabiner_musette added.
 * Fixed scrubber for chose_week34_william.
 * Error message trying to enchant non-object objects no longer crashes.
 * No longer crashes reaching the yearbook if you danced with Raven.
 * Removed some duplicate Angela image definitions that were causing
   crashes in her dance scene.
 * 'an echo of a ghost' no longer has *** in the displayed text.
 + Yearbook CGI now correctly displays Raven relationship.
 * Yearbook should now upload the correct exams-beaten count if you beat exam2.
 * Now hide the crystal orb sparkles after successfully beating the final.
   (This happens in the teleport out)


Windows Version 214 MB
Version 0.8.3 Jan 02, 2020
Mac Version 212 MB
Version 0.8.3 Jan 02, 2020
Linux Version 219 MB
Version 0.8.3 Jan 02, 2020

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