0.8.7 features/fixes

 * Improved transitions into and out of yearbook.
 * Added a yearbook upload confirmation.
 * Wards should now work.
 * Debug messages trimmed.
 * Lightning damage now both magical and electrical.
 * ImmuneToMagic condition actually works.
 * Nains Rouges now actually apply their conditions' DamageFilters to determine
   whether they take damage.
 * Fixed a crash reporting things that aren't us nudging force walls. (...
   which doesn't fix the more general problems reporting force-wall nudges,
   because we SHOULD see a nudge when something tries to walk through and
   we can see it, but instead we only get the nudge reported when we CAN'T
   see it...)
 * No longer report detailed damage types for Bladen Beast melee attacks.
   ("The Bladen Beast does 7 Cutting points of damage to you."->"You take 7
 * Fixed a missing Suki sprite in the Dec 14 detention.
 * Suki auto-talker failure now gives a spritecrash button instead of crashing
   the game.
 * Fixed bug where chorale membership would cause the game not to upload
   co-president status to the yearbook.
 * Dungeon help screen prototype in. 
 * Override F1 to bring up dungeon help in the dungeon. This stops the bug
   where each time you pressed F1, it would start a new context (requiring
   an extra click to dismiss)
 * @ sign and lowercase E (z-caron) added to Jester.
 * Candidate fix for the blitter.rotate_into crash.
 * Candidate fix for crash casting Drain Charm on a Floor.
 * added inscribe_on_random_exposed_surface() function.
 * Tutorial 1 backer inscriptions in.
 * Backer inscriptions added to exam1, tutorial1, tutorial2, and tutorial3.
 * Hopscotch constrained to the north part of exam3.
 * Fading inscriptions now work and correctly interpolate.
 * Backer inscription in exam3.
 * Backer inscriptions for tutorial4.
 * Fixed crash in inscribe_on_random_floor() (the HOLE backer message).
 * Fixed crash applying tutorial2 backer messages.
 * Initialize a bunch of exam6 and exam7 variables, so saves will no longer
   complain about getting a StoreDeleted instead.
 * No longer create a tutorial8() automatically when randmap is loaded.
 * Stray gold bits on fatPC silver trim shoulder graphics cleared up.
 * Updated fatPC skin layers in.
 * Now use formal robe variants of the long hairstyle.
 * Fixed a crash wearing a suit if you have long brown hair.
 * Final exam timeout should no longer crash.
 * Timeout should now trigger when time reaches zero instead of when it reaches
 * FatPC cheek drown above hair so it doesn't look stupid with unruly.
 * Scrubber for Inscribed full_msg field added.
 * Fixed crash initializing tutorial4 inscriptions.


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Version 0.8.7 17 days ago
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Version 0.8.7 17 days ago

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