* Manuel side route added.
 * Nature club added.
 * Added new lines to Corrinna ball scene.
 * Effect tab hint in. (Triggerable the first time you encounter a Legacy
   Wand or when top_(flirty, laid-back, scheming, sporty) are called.
 * Dungeon Help screen added.
 * All sponsored dungeon inscriptions added.
 * Big Jelly Empathy reaction in.
 * Big Jelly Communicate reaction in.
 * Hodag plays the cat_attack noise when it attacks.
 * Hodag Communicate response in.
 * Big Jelly Mindstorm reaction updated.

 * Mindstorm now calls Reaction_Mindstorm_Applied() on the unit if it exists.
   (Because having units drop their inventory when Mindstormed meant that the
   game would crash because the player dropped all his clothes...) 
 * Diamondizing walls should now block Dig.
 * Drain Magic now only drains from living or sentient units. (So not Force
 * Burn Magic no longer crashes when used on a target with no MP.
 * Burn Magic now only burns living or sentient units. (So not Force Walls.)

 * Now display an error message when a monster tries to get something but
 * Fixed scrubber for QueuedCastOn, so Big Jellies can drain right after
 * Now track whether the Jelly still had HP when we won the final.
 * Sparkles reworked so the anim hides them automatically when it triggers,
   so we'll no longer have the Apparatus glowies showing up on load. This
   might incidentally turn the glowies invisible in old saves that had them
   sitting around.
 * Restore the statbar in an additional place when you fall down a hole
   in the tutorial.  Fixes the bug where, if you pushed yourself down a hole
   in the tutorial and then clicked 'Dismiss', only the stress bubble would
   return.  (It was fine if you clicked 'Next')   
 * Fixed a crash entering the dungeon (caused by screens loading before the
   party was fully initialized.)
 * Inscribing random exposed surfaces now uses a better algorithm to determine
   whether the surface is exposed.
 * Now actually check the eligibility function if inscribing on a random
   exposed niche wall.
 * Eligibility function for tutorial1 inscriptions should exclude the part
   before the darkness. Tutorial1 backer inscriptions constrained to floor or back wall.
 * Debug messages trimmed.
 * Now only save the RNG log for tutorial8 if we have environ.verbose set.
 * Dungeon console text width now shorter if we have a party.
 * Now give the correct diary entry if you got a William point for Darden's
 * Raven relationship now coded as Raven (dance) instead of Raven (friend).
   Note: This doesn't affect already-uploaded yearbook pages.
 * Hide Grabiner after learning Drain Magic.
 * Dialog box falls out after William's scavenger hunt assignment.
 * Dialog box falls out after Barbara's sock quest; when Logan and Luke drag
   you to the mall; after window shopping; after Grabiner's review session;
   after studying with Minnie; after ignoring Donald&Luke's prank plans in
   week5; after agreeing to distract Ellen; after William tells you about
   Potsdam's gardening merit-quest; getting dungeon hints from Minnie; after
   seeing Barbara hiss at Minnie, after election week chorale practice;
   ignoring William sneaking around late at night in week7; after giving
   up in week8; after giving up in exam3.
 * Dialog box in Cloak-learning scene.
 * 'mood in the gymn is a bit more subdued' typo fixed.
 * Potsdam should fade (and posechange) properly at the end of the Ward scene.
 * Manuel spritecrash button no longer says "Error finding Minnie sprite."
 * Fade and dialog box at end of Wrong Way scene.
 * Shift Potsdam to neutral in Mind Wall scene.
 * Lazy now laid-back in script.
 * Glasses now drawn above fatPC cheeks.
 * Nature Club tweak to Minnie date in.
 * Potsdam stars out after the Regenerate lesson.
 * Fixed crash when you go to sound debugging.
 * QueuedSetTimeLimit scrubber in.
 * Dhampir codex entry now one page.
 * Remove the 'Help' button from the codex.


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Version 0.8.16 Jan 12, 2020
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Version 0.8.16 Jan 12, 2020
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Version 0.8.16 Jan 12, 2020

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