* Suki route added.
 * New Damien bad end added if you refuse to give up on him.
 * Damien ball finale tweaked.
 * Cameo character added to ticket sales at the Spring Play on
   post-Damien outcomes.
 * Laurel Sports Club reference added.

 * Crash when Loveland Frog decides whether or not to block the player fixed.
 * Pushing yourself down the hole in the final now goes to the
   final-exam-failed scene.
 * Pushing partymembers down the abyss no longer crashes.
 * A crash in randmap.is_unimportant() fixed, which may also fix some of the
   bugs where random dungeons get weird random inaccessible bits.
 * Cell-targeter horizontal scroll buttons now visible.
 * Cell-targeter buttons have arrows.
 * Seeker Sting description in.
 * Seeker Sting damage message now shows amount of damage done.
 * Distraction now announces "The X appears Distracted".
 * Distraction wearing off should be announced.
 * Can now [spoiler] the Big Jelly.
 * Distraction now only lasts for 1 turn.
 * Exhilaration spelling corrected.
 * Dragon club comma pulled.
 * Grabiner now stars in on the Dec 14 detention.
 * Hide the "Low Money" effect tab on the 14th.
 * can_see() should now return False when we've been removed from a level.
 * Non-dungeon help disabled.
 * Dungeon help now disabled when the say or say_slidein dialogues are up.
 * Dungeon help button now grays out when say and say_slidein dialogues are
 * Giving up in the tutorial no longer leaves the help in dungeon mode.
 * Auto button disabled on save paginator.
 * Debug messages trimmed.


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Version 0.8.20 Jan 18, 2020
Mac Version 215 MB
Version 0.8.20 Jan 18, 2020
Linux Version 222 MB
Version 0.8.20 Jan 18, 2020

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