* New scenes ending on night of Jan 14th

 * Pastel sprite updated
 * Missing Luke expression during bingo fixed.
 * traceback_from_here() debug function enhanced, now also sends arguments.
   This will help to diagnose the details of various Weird Errors.
 * Warning saving sparkles (caused by discovered_units) should be fixed.
 * Always include screen names in saves. This should work around a bug where
   saves made with a spellcard up would warn on load. Only affects new saves.
 * Logan no longer keeps sliding when talking to Hetzel at Bingo.
 * Jan 11/18 dungeon intro added.
 * Now automatically resize big map displays to include the cells at z2x3,
   z2x4, and z3x4. Fixes a bug where the bigroom background would have a hole
   in it. 
 * Some typo fixes
 * Correctly interpolate lowest colour when studying with Distracted Minnie on
   Jan 11.


Windows Version - Early Access 182 MB
Version Jun 06, 2019
Mac Version - Early Access 181 MB
Version Jun 06, 2019
Linux Version - Early Access 188 MB
Version Jun 06, 2019

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