New scenes in to end of Jan 21

Bingo adjusted so that the lowest number is B1 instead of B0
Pastel's talker position adjusted
Improvements to screen for replacing saves
Improvements to onscreen keyboard

Sparkle should no longer be automatically visible in exam 1
Fixed debug crash inspecting lever walls
Monsters now considered damaged if they fall down a hole
Nonviolence check should now consider throwing a monster down a hole to be violent
Some work on Cloak and Shockwave spells
Continue/Next clear menu options
Walking forward or waiting clear menu options


Windows Version - Early Access 182 MB
Version 0.6.14 Jun 20, 2019
Mac Version - Early Access 181 MB
Version 0.6.14 Jun 20, 2019
Linux Version - Early Access 188 MB
Version 0.6.14 Jun 20, 2019

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