0.6.16 bugfix

 * promise->agree when you blow up the pie.
 * unpromising in campaign speeches.
 * William no longer promises poetry club is uninteresting.
 * Capitalization consistentized when making a card for Jacob.
 * Tweaked line when performing in week16.
 * Strenghten strengthened.
 * Set the first library study flag when you go there for the first time on
   Jan 11.
 * Fade in dialog box for sleeping on MLK day.
 * Dialog box when Barbara invites you to the gym.
 * Dialog box falls out when you're evasive about why you need christmas
 * Scrubbers for week16 connection-tried-and-failed flags added.
 * Some screens around the winter holiday transition now loadable.
 * Event ends properly when you leave after Barbara Shockwaves you.
 * Interpolate player chose_from when talking to William in week21.
 * Trophy unlock screen slightly less ugly.
   The trophy unlock screen will also GO AWAY after a few seconds.
 * Crashes drawing LightningBolt and LightningTail units fixed (only
   manifested if the lightning actually had time to travel before being
   destroyed, so zapping something right next to you wouldn't show.)
 * Painful Lessons exam response should now actually show up if we're
   defeated by something other than the lightning trap.
 * Detect Charm now tells you "Something <direction> is enchanted" when
   you can't see the thing, even if there is only one suitable thing.
 * Setting off the lightning trap now gives additional feedback
 * Fixed a bug where announcements to all cells in a radius would hit the same
   cell multiple times.
 * Exam5 dungeon no longer X-wrapped. This breaks saves made inside exam5
   in 0.6.14 or lower.
 * Debug messages trimmed.
 * Ghost Wolf has an Empathy response to Mindstorming.
 * Ghost Wolf should now become hostile when Mindstormed or otherwise damaged
   (it's all your fault, right?)
 * Melee damage should now give the unit's SecondPersonHitStr, and only report
   the direction if you can't see the attacker (because it's to a side, behind
   you, or you're blind.)
 * Progress on redesigning dungeon cell-selector for spells.
 * Bigcell chooser now responds to escape.
 * Niche targeter no longer allows you to teleport things into solid rock
   (Now requires that one of the bigcells next to the destination niche be
   a valid bigcell target destination.)
 * Level polisher now clears wrap_x. (Fixes wrap_x crash radius-checking
   things in exam4.)
 * Levels now default to wrap_x = False.  This may fix some dungeon saves.
 * Portals now 'it' when reading inscriptions.
 * No longer fall back to the main menu from the Low Minnie Trust option
   on MLK day.
 * Now center the cellchooser map on the player again.
 * Now fills in the correct name for some spells that would show as 'None'
   in the bigcell targeter.
 * Inscribing on an illusory wall now exposes it.
 * Debug messages trimmed.


Windows Version - Early Access 182 MB
Version 0.6.16 Jun 21, 2019
Mac Version - Early Access 181 MB
Version 0.6.16 Jun 21, 2019
Linux Version - Early Access 188 MB
Version 0.6.16 Jun 21, 2019

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