New scenes added, also:

 * Initialize exam5_lightning_trap.
 * Exam1 dungeon_free() call moved after the vine/sparkle HP check.
 * dungeon_free() no longer crashes clearing party.
 * dungeon_can_act() now returns False when called outside the dungeon.
 * Assigning quickspells now brings up a notification with an undo button.  This
   makes a bug where the end of the quick-cast bar is automatically filled in if
   it's empty more obvious.
 * Custom Seal message for Lava.
 * Custom Freeze message for Lava and Floors.
 * Cooled lava now pale grey.
 * A crash when a wall gets killed fixed.
 * No longer fall out of the dungeon when you Communicate with the wolf a second time in exam5.
 * Crash unlocking trophies fixed.
 * Sealing lava should no longer crash.
 * Debug messages trimmed.
 * Jacob autotalker has cleaner error reporting.
 * Giving up in exam5 should no longer take you to BUG: This line is supposed
   to be unreachable.
 * The wolf should now growl when you pick up the medallion.
 * Play good sound effect when you get the medallion.
 * Painful Lessons now correctly sets the flag for detention after exam5.


Windows Version - Early Access 182 MB
Version Jun 30, 2019
Mac Version - Early Access 181 MB
Version Jun 30, 2019
Linux Version - Early Access 188 MB
Version Jun 30, 2019

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