* New scenes ending on Jan 26th
 * Going into the menu in the dungeon should now be postponed until the
   next interaction, which means that saves made with the dungeon console
   open will no longer wind up with subtly desynced time. This fixes the
   wolf duplication bug.
 * Crash if we're broke when talking to Donald on Jan 24th fixed.
 * New unit.AnnounceSeenHeard() method added, to combine visibility/audibility
 * The wolf's growl should now be range-limited and only tell you 'The wolf
   growls' when you can see it.  Otherwise 'Something growls.' or 'The
   wolf bares its teeth.' (if Silenced)
 * Call lvl.ClampToTurn() when exiting exam5 through the portal. This means
   saves containing an exam5 won by walking through the portal will no
   longer be temporally inconsistent.
 * Turn off screenshake every interaction. This makes it so that 'walk
   onto lava, walk back, communicate with wolf' doesn't screenshake.
   Hopefully it doesn't break any intended jitters elsewhere.
 * Being killed by lightning should no longer give you the painful lessons
   out-of-HP scene right after the special killed-by-lightning scene.
 * Effect tab hides after making the deal with Donald.
 * Crash when you take damage from a Condition() (say, by poisoning yourself)
 * Friendly ghost wolves now make a footstep noise instead of a growl.
 * Dialog box on transition out of being knocked out in the dungeon.
 * Now force the display of the final console when we're knocked out in
   the dungeon. 
 * Save warning fixed.
 * Killing a Force Wall should no longer crash.


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Version Jul 06, 2019
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Version Jul 06, 2019
Linux Version - Early Access 188 MB
Version Jul 06, 2019

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