* New scenes added up to Feb 2nd
 * trophy_unlock screen now transient, will be discarded automatically when
   saving.  Won't fix warnings on old saves.
 * SmartInputs now bring up the onscreen keyboard when clicked with the
 * SmartInput lookup code cleaned up, now searches all the screens for
   widgets with the correct ID and returns the first one found.
 * Fixed a crash in tutorial6 caused by level wrapping.
 * Dialog box falls out properly when you hear raised voices outside in week1.
 * Crash when you're damaged by the lightning trap fixed.
 * Transferring a charm to a wall now correctly brings up the wall facet
 * Some fiddling with the Lightning anim.
 * Stubs for check to see if we're ALMOST getting through the portal.
 * Fixed a bug where saves made in the dungeon would, on load, automagically
   re-show the menu.
 * Debug messages trimmed.
 * No longer allow you to enter an active portal through examine when you've
   got no HP left.
 * Should now give custom scene for when the wolf kills you as you step through
   the portal.
 * Dialog box when we run over to Snake Hall to see Barbara in week21.
 * "Look anything +like dead bushes" looking at the metal shirts.
 * Fixed a missing Potsdam sprite in week21.
 * Fixed save warnings complaining about DisappearCorpse.
 * Fixed save warning complaining about chose_week21_barbara.
 * some e's swapped.
 * Rendering now checks to see if you're in a bigcell or a niche cell; if
   you're in a niche, it shoves you back to the bigcell you're facing away
   from. This works around a bug where walking through the portal flips
   bigcell/niche status (and hence draws the wall at the end of the tunnel
   as a diggable dirt cube instead of a blastable wall.). The cause is that
   the portal effect triggers when you pass through the niche it's in.
   It's possible that other animations that might get triggered while walking
   would do this too; if so, this change will fix them too.
 * Dialog box falls out when you run away from Damien.
 * Dialog box falls out on the transition into the Jan 25 Damien date.


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