* New scenes added through February 16
 * Now actually skip the bingo scene if we have no money or say no.
 * PyreUnits initialized, should fix a bug where levers+fire could crash (though
   I didn't reproduce the original bug)
 * Crash killing lichen-like units (Vines, probably) fixed.
 * 'Low Money' effect tab now hides after you buy your card.
 * Stagger works now.
 * Statbar should now return when Grabby yells at you for disabling the portal
   in exam5.
 * Crash when clicking 'Undo' multiple times after assigning and clearing a
   quickspell fixed.
 * Manually assigning quickspells no longer autofills empty slots in the
   quick-cast bar with other known spells.
 * Training/Patrol Dummies now reported as rolling when they move around
   (assuming they're on a walkable cell and not flying.)
 * Debug messages trimmed.
 * Trophies now come in from the side.
 * Wolf's-head bracelet +he gave me for Initiation.
 * Fade the volume back up after Damien kisses us on Feb 1.
 * How the f were clothes offset by 100px in the boykiss CGs without us
   noticing? Fixed.
 * Skipping in the Feb 4-5 Musette screen should no longer leave her sprite


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Version 0.6.36 Aug 09, 2019
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Version 0.6.36 Aug 09, 2019
Linux Version 219 MB
Version 0.6.36 Aug 09, 2019

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