New scenes to Feb 21st

 * Sprite zoom adjusted on the scene in Virginia and Ellen's room. Existing
   saves in that scene may look briefly odd but it will fix itself.
 * Bonfire subtly less subtle.
 * Spark anims tweaked so they won't repeat forever, so the bonfire should
   use less CPU.
 * Buying an ornament for William no longer takes our money negative if we
   had <$5.
 * Minor text corrections.
 * Feb 14 Minnie scene now has more relationship options.
 * Go from the bonfire straight to a night-bedroom background instead of
   randomly coming up to a day-bedroom bg.
 * Tweaked the music on the William kiss CG. May still be too subtle.
 * FlowTapped indicators no longer physical.  This protects them from
   area-effect spells that work on physical objects, like Blast shrapnel.
 * Shockwave now works.
 * Fixed save warning loading when a unit was killed by a Condition (like,
   say, a lightning trap.)
 * Crash damaging decorative flames (say, with Shockwave) fixed.
 * Display a note on saves when they have debugger use or ignored crashes.
 * New looting function that decides whether or not to tick added
 * Examining sleeping monsters should add 'E is asleep.' (with appropriate
   pronouns and is/are mapping)
 * Blinded monsters can no longer move forward.
 * Crash killing Gates fixed.
 * Scrubbers for equipped_{charm,head,wand} added.
 * Should more reliably track when you've cast a spell.
 * Poison now notes the caster among the target's damagers.
 * Monster Emote2() method added, delivers one of two emote strings depending
   on whether you can see the monster only or both objects.
 * Potsdam should no longer disappear when learning Stagger.
 * Big Steve's sprite should actually show up in week20.
 * Now clear out a unit's level field when it's removed from the level.
 * Warnings scrubbing timer callbacks should now leave a nop in the timer
   callback so they don't cause crashes later.
 * Examine no longer counts as a spell for tracking dungeon_cast_spell.
 * Monster movement no longer makes player footstep noises.
 * Blindness should now show a message when it wears off.


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Version 0.6.44 Aug 18, 2019
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Version 0.6.44 Aug 18, 2019
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Version 0.6.44 Aug 18, 2019

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