0.6.46 bugfix

No new content, this is just fixes.

 * Scrubber for exam6_result in.
 * crash in Corrinna convo in week25 fixed.
 * Missing sprite in week25 Corrinna convo fixed.
 * Fixed exam6_lever save warning (fix won't immediately affect old saves that
   exhibit it, but should affect new saves.)
 * Crash Ticking when talking to the Loveland Frog fixed.
 * Vine-descended objects have a custom Sicken damage message.
 * week24_william_path scrubber in.
 * Fixed joined_chorale check talking to Corrinna in week25.
 * Should now dump any Chalices in inventory when you enter the dungeon or
   finish exam6.
 * Another block-rollback added to the end of exam6.


Windows Version - Early Access 182 MB
Version 0.6.46 93 days ago
Mac Version - Early Access 181 MB
Version 0.6.46 93 days ago
Linux Version - Early Access 188 MB
Version 0.6.46 93 days ago

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