0.6.46 bugfix

No new content, this is just fixes.

 * Scrubber for exam6_result in.
 * crash in Corrinna convo in week25 fixed.
 * Missing sprite in week25 Corrinna convo fixed.
 * Fixed exam6_lever save warning (fix won't immediately affect old saves that
   exhibit it, but should affect new saves.)
 * Crash Ticking when talking to the Loveland Frog fixed.
 * Vine-descended objects have a custom Sicken damage message.
 * week24_william_path scrubber in.
 * Fixed joined_chorale check talking to Corrinna in week25.
 * Should now dump any Chalices in inventory when you enter the dungeon or
   finish exam6.
 * Another block-rollback added to the end of exam6.


Windows Version 214 MB
Version 0.6.46 Aug 19, 2019
Mac Version 212 MB
Version 0.6.46 Aug 19, 2019
Linux Version 219 MB
Version 0.6.46 Aug 19, 2019

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