* New scenes through to March 2
 * Crash deciding what to do when monsters are Afraid fixed.
 * Melee attacks no longer try to fire off (and hence no longer crash) when
   a monster is no longer in the level. Fixes a crash when you drop the Bladen
   Beast down a hole when its next move is to attack.
 * No longer show UnitLeave events for units that are behind you.
 * Now only show UnitLeave events for niches and the player's current cell in
   the console. That way, if you're moving while a monster is moving, you won't
   see announcements of it 'leaving' when it's FOLLOWING you. This still
   gives some "The Loveland Frog has moved." notices when it's following you
   around, but that's not as annoying IMO.
 * Foresight output when a monster is planning to flee cleaned up.
 * Anti-Magic Fields now properly block casting when the caster's in the same
   cell as a field.
 * Anti-Magic Fields no longer draw a red chunk on the right side.
 * Stray visual glyph in girlkiss ponytail highlight colour cleaned up.
 * Exam6 prelude should have proper HP/MP bars.
 * Projection for full-screen dungeon display has been adjusted so it looks
   right when Barbara walls us into the room. This will affect every
   full-screen dungeon background, not just this one.
 * Visibility calcs for bigscreen map displayables now use the actual
   displayable width instead of cutting off things that start after 1062px.


Windows Version 214 MB
Version 0.6.51 Aug 28, 2019
Mac Version 212 MB
Version 0.6.51 Aug 28, 2019
Linux Version 219 MB
Version 0.6.51 Aug 28, 2019

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