* New scenes to March 9
 * Girlkiss CG rainbow ponytail hair added.
 * Fixed temporal inconsistency error when you take the chalice in exam6.
 * Sprite error in Angela's acceptance speech on her path fixed. Also moved
   her sprite to the other side so it wouldn't be under the tab.
 * Missing sprite in the Damien pond scene fixed.
 * Cleaned up quickbar assignment undo/preview button a bit.
 * Quickbar assignment preview no longer live.
 * Fiddling with Sphere impact code. Boulders now hit any physical object
   that's at least SIZE_BIG and stop.
 * Monsters now default to being SIZE_BIG.
 * Tengu codex entry unlocks in week25.
 * Luke path checks tweaked so they'll work right when you got onto his path
   by coming along to the dungeon in week20, too. 
 * Giving up in exam6 no longer crashes with 'unhandled puzzle result'
 * Fixed a crash in the suspension detention.
 * Go to the night bedroom BG after the Feb 21 Corrinna scene.
 * Various minor text corrections


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Version 0.6.54 77 days ago
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Version 0.6.54 77 days ago
Linux Version - Early Access 188 MB
Version 0.6.54 77 days ago

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